Bling Diamond Lemonade Flavors E Liquid

If you are looking for an e-liquid that will give you a burst of lemonade flavor with every puff, Bling Diamond has got you covered! Their disposable vape pods are pocket-friendly and fully TPD compliant.

Some of their flavors are sweet and fruity, while others are a little tart. These flavors are perfect for anyone who loves lemonade drinks.


Grape is a classic flavor that we all love and never seem to get enough of. Now you can enjoy this sweet taste in every puff, all while vaping Bling Diamond Lemonade Flavors. With a blend of tart lemonade and juicy strawberries, this is a tasty fruity flavor experience that will leave you wanting more. This is a great way to add some zing to your vaping routine! It is available in a disposable e-cigarette, which is pocket friendly and fully TPD compliant.


Coconut is a superfood that can help fuel your body with clean fat, digestible protein and filling fiber. It also replaces electrolytes after a workout.

The Bling Diamond Lemonade Flavors come in a variety of tastes and blends, from sweet and fruity to a little tart. The flavors are perfect for any vaper looking for an e-liquid that will give them a satisfying taste experience with every puff. They’re available in both disposables and refillable pods. They’re pocket friendly and fully TPD compliant.

Strawberry Pineapple

The Strawberry Pineapple flavor of Bling Diamond Lemonade Flavors is a sweet and refreshing taste experience. It blends tart lemonade with juicy strawberries to give you a taste that will leave your taste buds salivating for more!

This e liquid comes in a disposable vape device that’s pocket friendly and fully TPD compliant. It produces fantastic hits and is reasonably priced. Its fancy looking design will draw your attention, and the fact that it’s made in the USA makes it a winner!

Blueberry Mint

Blueberry mint is a great flavor for vapers looking to get a little fruity and sour. It’s a delicious taste experience that will have you wanting more.

A blueberry lemonade is a refreshing drink to sip during the summer months. It’s a perfect blend of fresh berries and mint, mixed with lemon juice. Add a splash of sparkling water and you’ve got a drink that will make any summer day feel like a summer holiday. It’s a great recipe to take to the beach or have at your next family picnic.

Rainbow Candy

A refreshing blend of grape, orange, green apple and lemon, the rainbow candy flavor from Bling Diamond Diamond Lemonade Flavors is sure to wake up your taste buds. This flavor is a perfect fit for those who love the sweet and tart flavors of this favorite candy.

Think of diamonds as the color of icy spring water with a tinge of lemon. In some cases the diamond has no tint, and looks clear like a glass of lemonade. Then there are those that have a yellow tinge, which mutes the inner blaze that comes from the diamond’s unique optical properties.


The tart and tangy flavor of lemonade is tempered by the floral flavor of rose in this refreshing drink. It’s a perfect summertime refresher that’s also easy to make and will impress your friends and family!

You’ll need fresh lemons, a simple rose simple syrup, and sparkling water. Mix all of these together to create a pink lemonade that’s elegant and easy to make! Add to a pitcher and serve with a sprig of rose for an added touch.